dance, 2020 (still). Digital video, 15 minutes © Min Tanaka

Min Tanaka
A dolphin of the darkness
At the feet of the miracle in Japan
Draws a boundary line of sensations
his flame of Zen.
On hither side of the identity called Industry
on the thither side of the outline called Story
a body without organs.
To drag out the dance into the universe,
his creep speed on the speed of light
animals sidling.
At crossing point with every possible scene,
an illustration of intensity.
On a line which continues uninterrupted since birth
a gesture of rolling of dice, the desire
Generation of irreversible rhythm, and small musical movements of the state of Haiku

“I dance not in the place I dance the place”

Min Tanaka
Body Weather

The naked king in the impossible memories we embrace toward the existence

© Madada Inc.