Kathleen Jacobs is currently holding her first solo exhibition in Japan simultaneously at Fergus McCaffrey Tokyo and Cadan Yurakucho. Born and raised in the United States, she traveled to Italy and China, absorbing the art and culture of each region. We spoke with the artist, who pursues the unique expression of “lines” through the tree frottage technique.

Kathleen Jacobs Photo:Tokyo Art Beat Editorial Team.

American artist Kathleen Jacobs gained recognition in the United States and Europe for her abstract paintings and ceramics, which are created by wrapping cloth around trees and transferring the bark lines onto them. Her first solo exhibition in Asia is held simultaneously at two galleries, Fergus McCaffrey Tokyo (Omotesando, until July 16) and Cadan Yurakucho (Yurakucho, until June 5). We asked the artist, who studied traditional painting and calligraphy in China and whose creative activities are deeply rooted in this experience, about the story behind developing this unique technique and her creative process.

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