The entrance of Gouging Temple, Zheijang, China

“It was already feeling like a very long road trip when we finally caught a glimpse of Mt. Tiantai, and that filled my heart with joy and excitement. We finally arrived at Guoqing temple in orange dim sunlight. I see characters 隋代古刹 on the orange wall reflecting the sun.”

—Kazuo Shiraga, Guoqing Temple, Mount Tiantai, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, China, May 1983

In 1981, Kazuo Shiraga took his first trip to China. The following is a translation of a handwritten itinerary the artist drafted for this inspiring trip, originally written in Japanese. 

May, Showa 56, 1981

May 16th

Meeting at 10AM. Osaka Airport – Shanghai.

Touring in Shanghai City. Renmin Park, Shanghai Stadium, Shanghai Friendship Store etc.

Staying at Hengshan Picardie Hotel.


Shanghai Station – Hangzou Station (train). Bus from Hangzou Station.

Lunch at Shaoxin Hotel. Conversation with Yuigaku Hoshi (唯覚法師), the Superintendent Priest of Mount Tiantai.

Arriving at Taizhou Guoqing Temple in evening.

Staying at Guoqing Temple Yingta Building.


Religious duties from 3 o’clock.

Visiting temples in Tiantai Mountain by bus.

Zhongfangguang Temple, Xiafangguang Temple, Taizhou Shiliang Waterfall, Living Buddha Pagoda( Zhenjue Temple).

Staying at Nanxi Hot Spring. 


Bus to Ningbo.

Decorative arts and crafts store, wood carving store, Tianyi Pavilion. 


Ningbo City, antique store, Tiantong Temple, Temple of King Ashoka.

Staying at Shaoxing Hotel.


King Yu’s Mausoleum Temple, Shaoxing Ceramic Kiln, Former Residence of Luxun, Shaoxing Wine Brewery, Liuhe Pagoda

Staying at Hotel Hangzhou.


Visiting West Lake, Lingyin temple, Hangzhou City.

Staying at Hengshan Hotel.


Huangpu River to Yangtze River, Shanghai exhibition.

Dinner at Jing An Hotel.

Staying at Hengshan Hotel.


Jade Buddha Temple.

Flying back to Osaka from Shanghai Airport.