Zarathustra l, 2014 Pigment on jute Dimensions: 74 3/4 x 114 1/4 inches (190 x 290 cm)

Today the sun is a cloud,
sprouting green hair

A waterlogged mast,
rises from mist

They meet in a room,
best described as anonymous

In a darkened room,
a different room

pierced by a beam of light,
scrutinizing reflections

rows of empty faces,
not looking back

they believe the words,
birds form in the sky

possess human faces,
Is that who is peering down

from crenellated clouds,
Is that who is just now

stepping out of the clock to sing,
Today a blue flower ascends

through layers of a fiery lake,
Today they meet in a room

best described as synonymous,
These are pictures of things

they do not see on the wall,
before them

ghostly songs haunting the stories,
they try again and again to tell

lamento, 2020 Cast glass Dimensions: 6 5/16 x 11 x 7 1/10 inches (16 x 28 x 18 cm) Edition 1 of 5

First Interlude

It is red when the gray
starts swelling around

the base of the sky’s stalk
and the threat

or thread of the future
no longer seems quite so far away

Could we not one day
meet on the other side of the mirror

from where the dust gathers.
Could we not stay

in that room of
difficult light

Second Interlude

This pitted figurine
is a monument

to the perfection of torsos
seized from spheres of smoke

Am I not a slave
to your obedience

when my hands
describe you in the dark

I am here

I am not here

Can these places

not be the same place

a voice calls to the birds interred in the mirroring sky