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Hills and Clouds, 2014

cast polyurethane with phosphorescence and stainless steel

11 feet x 19 feet x 19 feet. Storm King 2015

Known for her exploration of metaphorical and biomorphic shapes she is deeply concerned with the physicality of form and how it affects the viewer, using a wide range of materials to render dynamic impressions of mass and surface: soft becomes hard, hard becomes soft and gestures are frozen.In 2015, Storm King mounted an exhibition of Benglis’s work the first dedicated to the her large-scale outdoor fountain works, which she had been developing since the early 1980s.

The climate of Upstate New York is mostly humid continental with cold winters and warm to hot and humid summers.  Average annual temperatures range from 40 degrees F to 56 degrees F, with a range of precipitation throughout the year.

Made from stainless steel and phosphorus, with an iron-base alloy, this material has a tendancy to oxidize when exposed to the elements, a natural patina that is this artist’s intention to build over time.

The sculpture is fixed to the ground in three points, where 12 inch concrete footings are pored, and surrounded with a well drained fill.