“The Painting is Completed as Something Beyond My Imagination.”

Critic Ryo Sawayama interviews Terry Winters, who visited Japan for a solo exhibition at Fergus McCaffrey Tokyo, on view through May 20. What is the system which is generated within the paintings? What are their relationships with nature?

American painter Terry Winters has been exploring the relationship between modern abstraction and the structures of the natural world for over 40 years. Many of his early works depict organic forms reminiscent of plants, which eventually evolved into compositions of biological systems, mathematical diagrams, musical notation, and data visualization.

His current solo exhibition Terry Winters: Imagespace at Fergus McCaffrey Tokyo, features six new paintings that could be seen as plant cells observed through a microscope or a mandala that charts a religious view of the cosmos. We will explore what brings his paintings about through a conversation between art critic Ryo Sawayama and Winters, who visited Japan for his solo exhibition.

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